ECAM Council - European corporate council on Africa and Middle East

The European Corporate Council on Africa and the Middle East aims to discuss the current and future challenges facing healthcare, which have inevitably been intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic. This provides a neutral platform for selected members to explore the existing opportunities for investment in the field of healthcare and related sectors in Africa and the Middle East.

The ECAM Council sprang from Chairman Kamel Ghribi’s desire to promote universal healthcare by bringing together dedicated and creative individuals and organisations willing to engage in open and honest conversation on the most important issues concerning healthcare today to find realistic, effective, and lasting solutions for sustainable healthcare across the region of Africa and the Middle East.

ECAM Council’s mission is to focus on long-term investments and partnerships in health services from infrastructure, education, research and training through to digital healthcare solutions and medical tourism.

We have a great challenge ahead of us at ECAM Council and we hope you share our vision.

The ECAM Council is a non-partisan, non-profit council. Mission driven, it is designed to promote authoritative and intellectual exchanges across borders, cultures and languages. The focus of our forums is to pursue constructive analysis and examination of the complex challenges facing the Middle East and Africa today.
The ECAM Council aims to bring together academics, diplomats, politicians and commentators from across the political and professional spectrum and provide a platform for dialogue and debate. The Council will ultimately create a major collaborative network from which solutions for the future can emerge.
We have a long-term approach to healthcare investment. Access to quality healthcare is a human and moral imperative. The Council supports hybrid healthcare models where governments, private investment and charitable foundations can join forces to form a framework of incentives that create robust and innovative healthcare systems.