ECAM Council - European corporate council on Africa and Middle East

We are committed to promoting business and investment opportunities in Africa and the Middle East.

The first edition of the ECAM Council bilateral meeting, in collaboration with The European House Ambrosetti, aims to discuss the current and future challenges facing healthcare, which have inevitably been intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic. This will provide a neutral platform for selected members to explore the existing opportunities for investment in the field of healthcare and related sectors in Africa and the Middle East.

Launching the first edition in Italy is an inspired choice. Italy is one of the centres of the ancient world, with historic links to the rest of Europe and the region. Italy has been commended for its handling of the COVID 19 pandemic, and more than ever, Italy can be a thought leader in strengthening political and economic stability in the MENA region.

The European Council on Africa and the Middle East sprung from Chairman Kamel Ghribi’s vision of universal healthcare for all. Through many of his travels, Kamel Ghribi noticed that many private health care organizations in developing countries were underfinanced and constrained from achieving their full potential. Is there a best formula? What are the benchmarks?

ECAM Council’ s mission is to come up with realistic, effective, and lasting solutions for a more sustainable healthcare across the region of Africa and the Middle East. We have a great challenge ahead of us at ECAM Council.


The ECAM Council is a platform to address how regional healthcare hubs could create public health resilience. By discussing knowledge gaps among investors and government officials, greater interest can be seen in this important high-growth sector. Innovation in healthcare is the future of healthcare.
Bilateral meeting
The meetings organized by ECAM Council, moderated by Gruppo San Donato and GK Investments Holding, offer high-quality content that will primarily focus on long-term investments and partnerships in health services covering infrastructure, high-tech and digital health, education, research, training and medical tourism. It is important to address the need for creating strategic health hubs in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa with particular reference to agreements between Italy, Africa and the Middle East.

Rome, Hotel Hassler
Building the future together through healthcare
The purpose of the ECAM Council forum is to discuss the principal existing and future challenges, as well as existing opportunities, that have inevitably risen during the post COVID-19 reality within the field of healthcare across Africa and the Middle East.
22 October - 10:00 - 12:30
Thinking beyond the pandemic: towards a new private - public cooperation
23 October - 09:00 - 10:30
Bilateral meetings between the ministers of Health of Italy, Egypt and Kenya