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I have always considered myself as a son of Africa. While my heart lies in the Middle East my soul dwells in Africa. My ties to this great continent span over thirty years and throughout these years I have had the pleasure of working with many African governments and institutions over the course of my career. Equally, I consider myself as an accidental son of Europe; in particular, I have a deep connection to Italy.

2020 will forever be known as the year the world changed. The year that the global population truly understood how vulnerable and fragile it is. Together with fellow sponsors GSD and The European House Ambrosetti, we unanimously agreed to launch the ECAM Council - The European Council on Africa and the Middle East – in the host nation of Italy.

There were many reasons for this choice, however the principle motivation was in recognition of how hard this country worked not only to treat patients and contain the spread of COVID-19, but also in terms of the high output, quality and sharing of medical research carried out at institutions such as the GSD University hospital of San Raffaele and The San Donato Polyclinic.

During the darkest days of the pandemic, Italy demonstrated to the world the critical importance of cooperation and collaboration among nations. COVID-19 respected no border or individual nationality.

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It taught us the importance of coming together as humans of equal value. For this reason we have chosen ‘Building Bridges with Africa and Middle East: the role of Gruppo San Donato and GK Investment Holding Group in the Future of Healthcare’ as the theme for this first edition of the ECAM Council Forum.

We hope to use our platform to create alliances where we are all kin to each other, a true league of nations that knows no borders but is open to all and refuses no one. What better place to begin than Italy – a nation with historically strong and positive ties to the MENA region, and consequently, the perfect conduit country to Africa.

I have always believed that the business word has a duty to help strengthen national institutions through strategic investments in sectors that provide support and services to the general population. All of my business investments have sought to make at least a small contribution towards a better world and I have sought to promote greater cooperation and dialogue by recognising the importance of building of bridges. The first edition of the ECAM Council Forum was born from a deep desire to continue this work.

The ECAM Council believes that dialogue and cultural awareness are not only the pillars of stable social, economic and political systems, but ultimately the only way to resolve conflicts. Once sworn enemies can become strong economic partners if communication lines are open and dialogue encouraged.

The ECAM Council aims to promote and diffuse this ethos through a series of conferences, forums and sponsored events that will bring together dedicated and creative individuals and organisations willing to facilitate open and honest dialogue on such issues as healthcare, education and other projects. The forum also aims to take tangible steps towards encouraging investment between Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The ECAM Council will work with governments and other entities such as NGOs and the business community to investment projects between Africa, the Middle East and European counterparts.

Local, regional and ultimately national bilateral investment projects will be the ambitious primary objective of the ECAM Council. We hope to achieve this by acting as hosts who bring together the right people at the right time and provide a platform for open dialogue that will permit meaningful results such as MOUs that will consequently go on to fund the most interesting project proposals aired.

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The ECAM Council believes that it is time for Africa and the Middle East to take back control of its own future. The world can no longer strip the African continent of its resources unfairly. Just as Africa found the will to unite against colonialism, so must we against disease and poverty.

There is strength in unity. We are living in a changed world that needs to heal just as Africa and the Middle East need to heal. We must rebuild our world anew and a great starting point is the continent that nurtured the very first human beings.

Africa needs her children to return, therefore, we must unite with her and work towards a new and better world where every nation is valued and given a fair opportunity to prosper. There is no bigger tragedy than a country losing its sons and daughters to poverty, war, disease economic emigration or conflict. We must never forget that we are all members of one race and as one race we must move forward.

Now, is a good day to work towards a fairer, safer and better world and this first edition of the ECAM Council Forum is ready to embrace the challenge.

The ECAM Council is a non-partisan, non-profit council. Mission driven, it is designed to promote authoritative and intellectual exchanges across borders, cultures and languages. The focus of our forums is to pursue constructive analysis and examination of the complex challenges facing the Middle East and Africa today.
The ECAM Council aims to bring together academics, diplomats, politicians and commentators from across the political and professional spectrum and provide a platform for dialogue and debate. The Council will ultimately create a major collaborative network from which solutions for the future can emerge.
We have a long-term approach to healthcare investment. Access to quality healthcare is a human and moral imperative. The Council supports hybrid healthcare models where governments, private investment and charitable foundations can join forces to form a framework of incentives that create robust and innovative healthcare systems.

The first edition of the International Forum "Building bridges with Africa and the Middle East: the role of Gruppo San Donato and GK Investment Holding Group in the future of Healthcare" will take place on Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd of October 2020.

The Forum, promoted by the San Donato Group and GK Investment Holding Group in collaboration with The European House - Ambrosetti, aims to discuss the current and future challenges facing healthcare, which have inevitably been intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic. The first edition of the ECAM Council forum will provide a neutral platform for participants to explore the existing opportunities in the field of healthcare and related clusters in Africa and the Middle East.

The event sessions offer high quality content that will primarily focus on long-term investments and partnerships in health services covering infrastructure, high-tech and digital health, education, research, training and medical tourism. The various sessions will also address the importance of creating strategic health hubs in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa with particular reference to agreements between Italy, Africa and the Middle East.


ECAM Council seeks to make its contribution to a better world by working through governments, institutions and business and target forums to specific areas such as investment in healthcare, education and training.

Our events will act as a conduit that offers support to projects committed to developing the foundation’s core values of access to healthcare and educational platforms that promote cultural understanding and acceptance in the form of real life exchanges.

Our network includes the most influential experts and leaders across many fields and by working together, we can achieve change and a more stable and prosperous future in Africa and the Middle East.

Political and Business

Our mission is to share concepts, opinions, and facts so that we can work together to improve and revolutionise sectors of critical importance such as healthcare, education and training.

As a non-partisan not-profit council, we guarantee transparency in our approach to all of our projects. Just as the world after a pandemic is likely to be less global and more regional; so institutional pillars such as education, training and healthcare will also become more regionalised.

As such, the medical sector will become an important tool to increase resilience and sustainable development. To work efficiently, the regionalisation of healthcare must not be insular in outlook, rather, at ECAM Council we believe cross-border cooperation needs to be strengthened and enhanced if we are to create effective communication channels between operatives that permit best practices to be shared and applied.

Our key focus on healthcare investments and education will strengthen Africa and the MENA region, and we are happy to use our networks and skills to give back to a continent from which the world has taken so much.

Building bridges with Africa and The Middle East: the role of Gruppo San Donato and GK Investment Holding Group in the future of healthcare.
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