Event sessions offer high quality content that primarily focuses on long-term investments and partnerships that will create strategic health hubs to serve the Mediterranean, MENA Region and Africa.

Upcoming event
July 24, 2023

ECAM Council Summit
Rome 2023

Strengthening Africa's food system is essential. Trade disruption caused by global shocks such as war and climate change will create yet more food dependency and hunger in Africa. Current food aid policies are not resolving the problem. The 4th ECAM Council Summit will discuss food security and the necessity for increased domestic production in a bid to open a discussion on the changes necessary today for a prosperous planet tomorrow.

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Past events
03_African Leaders for Change
February 17, 2022
ECAM Preview: African Leaders for Change
02_ECAM Council Summit
November 01, 2021
ECAM Council Summit
Rome 2021

Building the future togheter throught healthcare

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01_Bilateral meeting
October 22 - 23, 2020
Bilateral meeting
Rome 2020

Building the future togheter throught healthcare

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